Whether you need to store boxes, furniture or business inventory, Lufkin Self Storage has room for your belongings. AAA Self Storage offers standard storage unit sizes that range from 5' x 5' to 10' x 20’ and above. Each mini storage unit has an average ceiling height of 8 feet. We also offer covered and enclosed parking for recreational vehicles.

The storage guide below is to help determine the appropriate size for your storage needs.


  • Do not store combustible items
  • Make an inventory of the items you store
  • Remove table legs to save space
  • Fill storage boxes to capacity to prevent tipping and collapse
  • Do not use newsprint to wrap goods that can be damaged by ink stains
  • Use a quality lock to secure your warehouse storage space
  • Use furniture and mattress covers for protection
  • Seal boxes with tape for better protection
  • Label boxes for easy reference
  • Never store food or toxic items

Lufkin Self Storage Facilities 

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